ID Translation




Step 1

Call us or email us the file with your project and some general information about it: the field, the languages you need or the date and type of the event, if you require interpreters. In order to provide a customised service, we may need additional information, such as the focus of the project, the topic of discussion, the target audience, the main objectives you wish to achieve etc.

Step 2

We will get back to you within 24h with cost and timeline estimates and a contract which will include a binding quote, our terms and conditions and a confidentiality clause. After you sign the contract, which also works as a binding Purchase Order, you send it back to us and we start working on your project.

During our work, we will maintain close contact with you, in order to ensure that the end-product is best adapted to your needs and standards. We will deliver within the agreed timeline and remain at your disposal for any improvements you may wish to make, in order to respond to your needs and expectations.


Translation and interpreting are probably two of the world’s oldest professions, born naturally out of people’s curiosity about one another, out of their need and pleasure to reach out to their neighbours both far and near, to travel, to trade, and to learn. With the help of translators and interpreters, magnificent inventions, life-changing writings, and brilliant ideas made their way across time, cultures, and borders; these exchanges brought people together, helped societies evolve and generated unprecedented spiritual and material wealth.

ID Translation is proud of this legacy and strives to take it further in a time when messages have become more sensitive and more specialised than ever. We take the importance of our role as communicators seriously by offering our clients top-quality services, delivered by our highly skilled translators and interpreters.


For us, business is a team sport and we want to be on your team. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.