ID Translation




Is the process of adapting an existing website or software to local language and culture in any given market. So it is much more than simple translation: it is about adapting a website to a whole different context. This adaptation needs to take into consideration language-specific and cultural preferences for content, images and overall design of the site, while maintaining its integrity. A simple example: Arabic is read from right to left, Japanese from top to bottom, then from right to left, which has major implications in the way in which the information needs to be presented. This shows why it is imperative to work with professionals who know all these relevant moving factors, who know how to work with them and adapt messages to reach the intended audience of any particular business or product.


Although similar to translation, when it comes to subtitling, there are some additional requirements: time coding, which we do by going through the footage frame by frame, to determine the start and end times; compression, to make sure the number of characters falls within the start and end times, while maintaining the meaning. If you translate a script that will be read by voiceover artists, time constraints and synchronising also have to be taken into account. When we subtitle, it is extremely useful for the translators and more cost-effective for you to provide the original script or transcript of the video or audio material. However, if you do not have it, our team can create a transcript.

We offer these services for recorded video and audio material – promotional videos, corporate presentations, short and feature films – as well as for live performances, such as theatre plays.


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