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We believe there is no such thing as a non-specialised translation. Whether we are dealing with a news article, tourism brochure, research paper or PhD application file, each document comes with its own brief, its own intended target and its own specific requirements. ID Translation takes all this into account in order to deliver translations that are functional and adapted to the client’s requirements.

Our translators make sure you receive the support you need, get your message across and get the intended reaction to it.


While general translation is less dense and terminology-packed than scientific or legal documents, general-interest texts are not to be underestimated. Tourism brochures often contain historical or architectural information; a magazine interview will most likely make reference to expert data; marketing material may not have the same effect on two culturally different audiences.


Business and finance are not only among the first economic sectors to go global; they are also a significant part of our history as a company.

We became specialised in finance due to the in-house work with the mutual fund industry, investment banks and financial consulting companies in several countries (Luxemburg, Spain, Chile, Peru, France, Finland, Norway and the Middle East). Thanks to this inside experience and our knowledge of the regulated financial markets and the OTC products and derivatives, we are the ideal choice for your business and management translation needs: general documents, balance sheets, marketing materials, financial statements and financial products, to name but a few.

We are entrepreneurs so, in us, your company will find a translating service that understands your needs and delivers a diligent, high-quality service, which will enable you to communicate effectively with your clients and partners.


Legal translations are particulary challenging, not least because of the fact that legal systems are different from country to country. We can offer our experience and knowledge in the legal field to help our clients secure a contract, have safe transactions, market their products and expand their overall operations.

Educational documents are also a big part of our legal translation work. As language teachers (ID Languages) ourselves, we greatly appreciate the value of international education, which is why we are ready to help our clients conduct research, get a degree or equate their studies in their country of choice.


Agriculture is another one of the fields in which we feel right at home, having translated and interpreted for numerous the largest agricultural lobby in Brussels, FAO-related conferences and events and NGOs (representing both agribusiness and small-scale farming). From farm to fork, we know the ins and outs of the entire chain: protein crops, fruit and vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, quality and promotion, market measures, animal welfare, distribution, sanitary and phytosanitary provisions, and the CAP regulations.

This experience makes us uniquely suited to offer our translation services to agricultural companies, cooperatives, producers and associations.


Medicine has been one of the most traded in and internationally discussed fields of science for decades now. It is therefore only natural that it takes up a great deal of our work, both translation and interpreting-wise. So much so, that we have become well acquainted with the high need for precision and thoroughness requierd, which is what we deliver. We translate clinical trial documentation, informed consent forms, patient information leaflets, instruction guides and user manuals for medical devices, to name only a few.


Whether it is a scientific research paper, the technical specifications of a product, or a report on the latest developments in agriculture, our translations are occurate, complete, delivered on time, and adapted to your needs.

You are experts in your field; we are experts in languages and intercultural communication who deeply believe in the progress of science and society.


Proofreading is the translator’s quality assessment tool, which we conscientiously use before we deliver our end product: Very often a translator has to review someone else’s translation or post-edit a machine translation. In the field of language services, human still beats machine. Automatic translations are incorrect, in the most fortunate of cases, or do not make sense at all, in the worst-case scenario. Our translators will put their linguistic, cultural and business knowledge to work for you in reviewing your communications with your partners, to make sure they represent you properly and get the desired effect.


For us, business is a team sport and we want to be on your team. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.